STATIX – Smart Battery Tester


STATIX1STATIX is a hand held smart battery tester designed to provide the user with relevant information to manage their battery fleet. The user simple pushes the STATIX onto the battery in order to see the charge state and health of each battery.


  • See battery charge status immediately
  • See battery health status immediately


  • Collect individual battery data with STATIX
  • Extend the life of your current battery fleet
  • Predict and project you battery fleet life cycle


What is STATIX?

STATIX is a cost effective hand held battery tester for all military SmartBus batteries.

What is STATIX designed to do?

STATIX is designed to work on two levels:

Immediately displays each battery’s status and captures this on a SD card. This provides the user with confidence that the battery is actually going to provide them with the run time they anticipate. The SD card can then be used to upload that data to an online portal that can be viewed by the nominated fleet manager.

Provides the fleet manager with a holistic view on their whole fleet. This allows the fleet manager to answer the following questions which they currently cannot do:

  • How many batteries do I have in service?
  • How many batteries and of what type do I have?
  • Where are they?
  • Are they being rotated correctly?
  • How often are they being charged?
  • How many and of what type are nearing the end of their life?
  • When do I need to re-order more batteries?
  • Exactly how many batteries do I need to re-order?

Ultimately it allows you to SAVE MONEY by utilising and rotating your very expensive battery fleet by maximising its capacity with accurate data

How does STATIX work?

You simply push it onto the battery terminals and it reads the battery data via the SMBus and the integrated circuit. STATIX then displays some key data to the user. It is compatible with any battery that uses SMBus technology such as:

  • BB2590 series batteries used in Harris PRC117 series radios
  • LIPS14 batteries used in all FP(ECM) equipment
  • Bowman VHF radio battery

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