Secure Phone Application

The Problem

While the activities of some of the UK Press have focused attention on the security weaknesses of mobile phones, the reality is that most of the phone hacking reported to date has been confined to voice mail hacking. If a hacker successfully attacks your voice mail, all of the messages in your mailbox are compromised.

While this is a significant problem, a much more serious issue is the threat of call interception and monitoring. When one or the many techniques for GSM call interception was demonstrated to Chris Bryant, a British MP active in the debate on phone hacking, he made the following statement in Parliament:

Chris Bryant (Rhondda) (Lab): Yesterday afternoon we heard that the man who is in charge of counter-terrorism in the Metropolitan police is 99% certain that his phone was hacked. An hour later, I was shown a piece of kit that costs about £1,500 and is readily available on the internet. It effectively sets up an illegal mobile phone mast through which it is possible to listen to any conversation held by anyone on a mobile phone within three miles.

Solving the problem

Secure, encrypted calls for enterprise users

  • Secure, encrypted voice mail
  • Secure, encrypted audio conferencing
  • Secure, encrypted Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Secure, encrypted video calls
  • ¬†CallSafe for Mobile, can be installed on popular mobile phones and Smart devices, setup either as a hosted solution for the required number of people needing secure connection or attached to an existing office phone systems
  • CallSafe for Mobile is easy to install and use, runs on standard cell phones and uses the data channel connectivity to deliver excellent voice call quality, low latency when in use. The nature of VoIP communications provides global coverage and an international call capability.
  • CallSafe for Mobile uses well established, recognised and trusted encryption technologies to protect voice communications that are currently being used to protect corporate data systems and financial services transactions.

CallSafe is suitable for a wide variety of  mobile devices. Please contact us for information and to check the suitability of the system for your requirements.