BANTAM – Power Management System



BANTAM is a power and data management network designed to operate from central rechargeable batteries to provide power to the network. The users’ devices connect to the network to draw power and the network provides the data connectivity to each device. BANTAM Command


  • See Runtime at a glance for confidence in mission power
  • See power usage of devices
  • Monitor connected battery power


  • Shut off system power to any device to reduce power consumption
  • Devices can continue to run on the Link battery

 BANTAM Product Catalogue 2015


What is BANTAM?

BANTAM is a power management network that connects to central rechargeable Smart batteries[1] which power the network. Each device is then connected to the network via the CORTEX and draws power accordingly. You can connect other external power sources to the network such as AC and DC power.

What is BANTAM designed to do?

BANTAM is designed to reduce the burden on the person by reducing the number of batteries both rechargeable and non-rechargeable that they must carry for each device. By utilising a central power source, you negate the requirement for these multiple battery types.

BANTAM also reduces the cognitive burden of the user. It does this by calculating the run time of the connect devices providing an easy to understand ‘real world’ figure displayed in hours and minutes.

How does BANTAM work?

BAMTAM is designed to provide the user with the ability to manage the power to each connected device. It does this by providing the user with an all up system run time which dynamically changes as each device draws power. The system is designed to allow the user to view each connected device and remotely switch it on and off to save power. This allows the user to manage the power that they are carrying, and ultimately decide which device gets power if mission time extends.

Additional benefits.

High power users can swap power with other users to amortise their collective power between each other. Common power source reduces the logistic burden of multiple battery types. BANTAM can capture the power usage as a function of time for every user, for every device and every mission and provide you with a mission power profile. BANTAM allows you to predict and project your power requirements for a specific mission based upon data gained during Collective Training events. You can train your user to use power effectively.

[1] A smart battery referred to as ‘System Management Bus (SMBus)’ battery, is one that has a special integrated circuit in the battery pack and reports information via an interface to the user. The information will include battery type, model number, manufacturer, battery characteristics, charge/discharge rate, predicted remaining capacity, and temperature and voltage safe fast charging.

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