IED Training Aids

DSC04593In support of FP, EOD, Search and ECM training  EWS are able to provide training devices utilising, wherever possible, components found in typical terrorist devices.

They are designed for military and law enforcement unit use only and all sales are subject to governmental approvals and export license.

  • Offer operators deploying to theatre the chance of some basic hands on RCIED training
  • Offer opportunity to operators to test their detection equipment with confidence
  • Helps operators understand the exact nature of the threats, their construction, and how this affects their TTPs

Classroom devices

These are provided in robust pelican cases with a clear Perspex screen for students to see the device layout. Each has I/O ports for connection to flashbulbs, indoor sound units or additional IED devices (piggybacking).

Field devices

Field devices are manufactured for search training or industry demonstrations. Devices are provided in an IP67 hobby box that can be buried for detection purposes or surface laid in all weather conditions (sealed unit).
All instructional aides can be tailored to specific customer requirements and accompany the physical training aids. These range from simple PowerPoint with slides to explain the training aids to fully immersive Computer Based Training (CBT) programs which can be stand alone or Net Enabled. More details are available on request.

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